Movie thoughts 10-23-2013

Early reviews of Thor the Dark World are good.   There is one negative review mentioned but the rest are fairly positive.   The movie opens on November 8th.  Promos have looked good.

George Clooney’s movie Monuments Men has been pushed back to 2014. It needs some special effects finished according to the Los Angles Times.  No new release date has been officially announced.   It might open in February.

Ben Kingsley has announced that he’s working on a secret project for Marvel.  Well, it is less of a secret now.

Jack Ryan movie might be moved to 2014.  Suddenly December 2013 at the movies looks a little bleaker.    I will go to see the Hobbit and 47 Ronin and probably take my nieces and nephew to Frozen.

Anchorman 2 continues to get a lot of press.  There are those commercials for the Dodge Durango and now Ben and Jerry’s has created an ice cream called Scotchy Scotch Scotch.   Will these commercials really sell a car?   I might try the ice cream.


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