Year in movies so far

It has been a good year in movies so far.  If the last two months are really good, maybe it can be a great year.  That would be nice.

Biggest surprise of the year

I think it might be the Spectacular Now.  I heard it was good but I was surprised by how good it really was.

Best movie of the year

Iron Man 3,  It didn’t top the Avengers but it was really good.

Best animated movie of the year

Monsters University

Trailer I saw too often

Machete Kills

Best Original movie (non-sequel or remake or movie adapted form a novel or based on a real event)

Pacific Rim

Movie I might have expected too much from

Gravity; it is good and I am glad I saw it.  However I didn’t like it as much as a lot of critics did and I wonder if I just expected too much from it.

Movie  that I still most unsure of whether to watch it or not

Enough Said It has gotten good reviews and I heard James Gandolfini was really good but the trailers make it look like a sitcom, and maybe a bad sitcom.  Maybe I will see it on cable.

Average number of previews before a movie

Six; a friend told me that there were only four or five previews before his last movie, I cannot remember the last time there were fewer than six previews before a movie.


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