the latest Repairman Jack novel

The latest Repairman Jack novel is out.  It is good.  It is called Dark City and it is the second book in the Repairman Jack the early years trilogy.  It helps to have read the first book in the trilogy Cold City before reading this one.  This book is set during the early 1990s.

Writer F. Paul Wilson claims that he is retiring Repairman Jack after this trilogy.  That would be disappointing because the Repairman Jack novels  have been pretty good for the most part.   Maybe there was one or two that weren’t good but the others were.  Jack remains a likable character and it is fun to see a younger version of him learning the ropes.

As I said it is a good book and I am looking forward to the last book in the trilogy. That one will be called Fear City.

If you haven’t read any of the Repairman Jack novels, Cold City is a good one to read first.


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