Ant-Man movie update

There are reports that Marvel is interested in Paul Rudd or Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Ant-Man.   There might be a third actor added to the list later.

I like Paul Rudd as much as anyone.  I do.  I’ve seen about six or seven of his movies in theaters over the years.   I think I even saw Halloween six more than once (he was in it.) When he is good, he is really good.  I don’t think of him as a superhero type though.  He might be too comedic.

Joseph Gordon Levitt might be a better choice for a superhero.  He is a bit less comedic or more dramatic than Rudd.  Or at least he is less associated with comedy than Rudd and he has been in a superhero movie and a science fiction movie.

I am not sure that either actor is the best choice.  Maybe it would be good to go with a lessor known actor.  It worked for Thor.

More news about this soon, I hope.


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