Comic Book Thoughts 10-14-2013

The New Warriors return in 2014.  It looks to be a few returning veterans and a new bunch of characters.  I am not sure why Speedball looks so young.  Maybe it will be worth checking out.  Maybe it will be more successful than the last attempted relaunch.

The Punisher is getting a new series.  He is going to LA.   Marvel is trying to move a few more of its heroes outside of New York (Venom was in Philadelphia and the Scarlet Spider was in Houston).  It is by a  writer and artist team that I am unfamiliar with but maybe it is time to bring some fresh talents to Marvel.

There will be a new Ghost Rider by another writer and artist new to Marvel.  The original Ghost Rider will join the Thunderbolts.  Apparently there are no plans, yet, for the two Ghost Riders to meet.

Valiant comics announced that Christopher Priest and Mark “Doc” Bright will bring back the original Quantum and Woody for a new mini-series.   That could be a lot of fun.  More details on this later.

James Robinson will take over writing the Fantastic Four.  It is being relaunched, I am not sure why.  (I think Marvel is relaunching/renumbering titles too much.)Leonard Kirk is the artist, he is good.


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