Why it is so hard to make a Wonder Woman movie

Why is it so hard to make a Wonder Woman movie?

It is apparently pretty hard.  Warner Brothers has turned down proposals from Joss Whedon (a few years ago) and Paul Feig.   Whedon later found massive success bringing the Avengers to the big screen for Marvel.  Feig is the director of the Heat and Bridesmaids, so he is on a pretty good run at the moment.  Feig apparently wanted to make the movie fairly comedic.  Comedic is not a bad thing but apparently  the studio passed.

Apparently it is even hard to make a Wonder Woman tv show.  I think there have been two attempts to bring Wonder Woman to TV in the last four years.  One pilot was shot and it was pretty bad.

Part of the problem might be the studio might not know what they want to do with the character.  Not every superhero movie needs to be like Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy or like Man of Steel.  Wonder Woman’s background includes the Greek Gods, so that alone  makes her story fantastic.   I liked the Dark Knight trilogy but the Iron Man series is fairly different and also good.

I thought the hard part would be finding the right actress.  I mean if any film needs the right actress, it is Wonder Woman.  If they pick the right actress, that can elevate the movie.  If they pick the wrong actress, that can sink the movie.

The CEO wants to make a Wonder Woman movie or TV show.  He has said so publicly.

I am not sure if DC really needs to have a cinematic universe like Marvel.  Maybe they don’t.  Maybe they just need to make some good movies.


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