Gravity re-thought

A friend at work is surprised that I didn’t like Gravity more.  He apparently liked it a lot more than I did.  I think he wants to see it again in theaters.  I told him that I thought seven movies this year were better.   He said that Roger Ebert would have been ashamed of my taste.  (I have Mortal Kombat on Blu-ray, so sometimes I like a silly movie.)

Maybe I said that wrong.  Maybe I  should have said there were seven movies that I liked more than Gravity. Also I probably shouldn’t have said that Gravity was the most overrated movie of the year.

I liked Gravity.  I thought Sandra Bullock was really good.  I liked George Clooney a lot too.  I don’t remember Bullock being better.

The effects were good.  The science seemed convincing. Even the 3D was good in hindsight.

It is a good movie.  I just didn’t love it. Maybe I expected too much.

It s worth seeing, it is at least an 7 on a scale from 1 to 10.


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