Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon’s Much About Nothing never came to theaters in my non select movie city. (It didn’t come within 125 miles of my non select movie city.)  I would have liked to see it on the big screen.  The good news is that the DVD is out.

This movie is an update of Shakespear’s play to the modern day.  The language is still traditional but the setting is a modern house, not a castle.  Also there are guns instead of swords.  There are phones and cars and other modern devices.  About the language, if you don’t read a lot of Shakespeare, you can adjust to the language.  It may take a few minutes.

The movie is shot in black and white.  I thought that was a bit odd at first.   I liked it but it is a little different to see a modern movie in black and white.  (Okay there was a black and white sequence in Casino Royale.)   I am not sure if the choice was made because black and white film is cheaper than color film.

It was nice to see Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker again.  They star as Benedick and Beatrice, who seem to hate each other but might not.  People conspire to get them to either fall in love or admit their love.  There is another, more sinister, conspiracy also.  Both Acker and Denisof are good.

It was nice to see Clark Gregg out of the Marvel universe.  A few other actors looked familiar but I couldn’t place them.  Nathan Fillion has a supporting part.  (There was no part apparently for James Marsters or Christian Kane or a few other people from  the Whedon stock company.)

It was a good movie.  If Whedon wants to another Shakespeare movie, I’d like to see it.

I don’t know who this movie compares to Kennath Branagh’s version, it has been too long since I saw that movie.  (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it.)  That movie has Keanu Reeves.  (Shakespeare and Keanu, that is a concept.) Perhaps it is time to watch that movie again soon.

I guess this is sort of a romantic comedy.


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