Music Thoughts October

I still don’t hate Taylor Swift.  (A lot  of other people do.) Her latest song Everything has Changed  is pretty good.  I think she co-wrote it with Ed Sheehan.

I am still not sure what to make of Katy Perry.  I’ve heard some of her songs and I am not sure why she is as big a star as she is.  Sometimes I think I get it but then I hear another song which is okay at best and I don’t get it.

I saw some of the Iheartradio concert.   At one point I wanted to go to the concert but after I figured out how much the flight and hotel would cost, I rethought it.  I thought it was good but I thought Maroon 5 would have been better.  Maybe it takes the band a little while to warm up.   Maybe if I get a chance to see a longer performance from them, I’ll see if they warm up.

It was nice to see Paul McCartney, also at the Iheartradio concert.  It didn’t seem to take him any time to warm up.  He could have played one or two more classic songs, I think.  I guess he didn’t want to seem like he was resting on his past.

The Summer Set looks like they might be a good band.  It was nice that they got to play at the Iheartradio concert.  Maybe that will help them with their first CD.

I am still a bit surprised Bruno Mars is going to play the Superbowl halftime show.  It just seems a little soon.   I think he will have a good show.  He has some good songs.


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