Jack Ryan trailer

The new trailer for Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit is out.  It comes out close to the death of Tom Clancy, who created the character.  That is an unfortunate coincidence.  I never read any of the books by Tom Clancy.

Chris Pine takes over as Jack Ryan in this reboot.  I liked Pine in the Star Trek movies and it looks like he will be a good Ryan,  (I also liked his voice work in Rise of the Guardians.)  He will be the fourth actor to play Jack Ryan (the others being Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, and Ben Affleck).  I liked the previous movies and actors.

Kevin Costner co-stars and I like him more lately, so that is good.  I am not sure why I like him better than I used to or why I disliked him.  It looks like Costner will have an important role.

The trailer looks good but the plot details are a bit vague.  There is a Russian villain and Jack is in the early days of his career.

This movie looks like it might be good.  I liked the fact the trailer said “from the director of Thor”.

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit opens on Christmas.


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