Comic book thoughts 10-6-2013

Ted Kord has not appeared yet.   

The second issue of Forever Evil is out.  It is pretty good.  The new Bizarro has made his appearance even if he hasn’t been called Bizarro yet. The Crime Syndicate’s mysterious prisoner remains mysterious.  If there are clues to his identity,  they are not obvious clues.  Ultraman is laying down the law.  Apparently there are fissures among the team.  I still think the series would be better with an artist more like George Perez.  (It is just a thought.)

Infinity is already halfway over.  I still haven’t been tempted to pick it up.

So far, it has been nice to see Spider-man 2099 again,  Maybe he’ll be around for a while. There are recent trade paperbacks of the Spider-man 2099 series.

Doc Savage is getting a new series by writer Chris Robertson.  His recent series Masks was pretty good.  (The trade paperback is out and worth checking out.) This series will bring Doc to the present day.  I am not familiar with the artist.

Nuke is being featured in the next arc of Captain America.  Maybe it will be good,


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