DC Comics: is the company in trouble?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding DC Comics lately,  The latest one is that the writers of Batwoman are leaving because DC won’t them have a gay wedding.  The good news, if it could  be good news, is that DC has a new strict no marriage policy.  So at least, it is not specifically anti-gay marriage.  Apparently this anti-marriage policy  is behind a couple of moves in the new 52 (Barry Allen not being married to Iris, and Clark and Lois not being married.)

I don’t think the anti-marriage idea is a good idea.  I might understand it, at least to a degree.  I think there could still be interesting stories about married characters.

There have a lot of creators leaving books after short tenures.  There are reports of heavy editorial interference.  George Perez said that his short stint as writer of Superman was one of the worst times of his career.  Rob Liefield had similar complaints.  Andy Diggle left his stint on Action comics before it even really started (I know that sounds weird but it happened).    Maybe Marvel comics has had some level of creator disputes/bad breakups the last few years but not as nearly as many as DC.

On the positive side, the Batman titles are still selling.  Earth 2 was selling well before James Robinson left and it might still be selling well.  Superman titles are selling well.


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