TV thoughts late September

Hellblazer is coming to NBC.  That seems odd since Hellblazer was replaced by the Constantine series.  I think I’d use the Constantine name instead of Hellblazer.  (It could that Constantine sounds like it be a show about a Roman Emperor.) That could still be interesting.  Maybe a Hellblazer series would be better for HBO or Showtime though.

Is Thursday Night Football a bad idea?   I think maybe it is.  I think it is close to being too much NFL football on TV.

NBC Sports Network is experiencing growing pains.  It looks like they are going to double down on hockey.  Apparently hockey has been good for the network.  It doesn’t look like this network will ever really challenge ESPN.  It looks like it will be a niche network.  That is not terrible, I guess.

Michelle Beadle, who came over to NBC sports network from ESPN, has seen her  show, the Crossover, canceled.  She might be going back to ESPN.   I guess sometimes these moves just don’t work out.  I wonder what went wrong.

Do people really want a challenger to ESPN?

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was pretty good.  I am going to keep watching.    It did pretty well in the ratings but the real question is how it will do over a season.  (The XFL had a big  rating for the first game and then it fell off.) It was nice to see J. August Richards again.  (What is he doing now?  Maybe he can get something more steady soon.)  Maybe Ron Glass will have a bigger part in future episodes but it was nice to see him too.  There  are websites writing articles on how to fix the show already (heh).

Dan Patrick is so much better on NBC’s Football Night in America than he is on his radio show.  It surprises me.


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