Comic Book Thoughts late September

I’ve checked out the most recent issues of Scarlet Spider.  It looks like the book will end on a dramatic note.  Two years for a solo series is pretty good for this age.  The cover of issue #21 might be one of the most dishonest covers that Marvel has published in the last five or six  years.  Seriously, that was really dishonest.

(I think Kraven the Hunter should have stayed dead.  I think he died in a classic story. )

I haven’t checked out any issues of Infinity yet.  I just haven’t felt interested.  I have not checked out any issues of Avengers in months, so I assume that Sam (Cannonball) and Bobby (Sunspot) are still getting very little page time.  I was excited when Hickman took over Avengers but I haven’t really enjoyed it.  Oh well maybe in a few years, a new writer will come on the book and I’ll enjoy his or her work.

I am not sure about Justice League 3000.  It might be good.  Howard Porter will do a good job as the artist and that Flash looks like Wally West.  This series starts in December.

It seems like the Legion of Superheroes is gone for now.  Legion will probably return someday.   I don’t think this is the end.  I think the Legion will be back by late 2015 or maybe early 2016 at the latest.

I still miss Wally West.  I’d like to see him again.


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