Is it okay not to hate Taylor Swift

Is it okay not to hate Taylor Swift?

I hope so because I don’t hate her.  I like some of her songs.  Actually at the moment, I cannot think of any of her songs that I really disliked.  I might not buy concert tickets to see her but if she comes on the radio or a music video channel that actually shows videos, I’ll listen or watch.

Maybe it is a little odd that her personal life seems to fuel her music so much.  Or maybe creepy might be a better word.  I am not sure.  Of course if a male artist did the same thing, would people care?  Doesn’t Bruno Mars sing all about love?  As long as she doesn’t say “this song is about  ____”, who really cares who inspired it?

So, she dates a lot, so what?  Derek Jeter dates a lot and no one cares.  No clothing store sold a t-shirt saying “more girlfriends than DJ” but a store was selling a t-shirt with the phrase “more boyfriends than TS”.  That seemed mean spirited.

Is there some weird thing with America and blondes in the past few years?  Taylor Swift seems to be the least respected or most mocked major star and Katherine Heigl’s move career crashed and burned after a promising start after she got a reputation for being difficult.    Also January Jones from Mad Men seems to be fairly disliked. (At least three people who have worked with Heigl have defended her, so that is good.)


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