Ben Reilly is not back

Ben Reilly is not back .

(Well that is a letdown.)

It was a false alarm or very misleading advertising.  (I know that you cannot tell all your secrets in interviews before the book come out but still recent interviews with Christopher Yost seem a bit dishonest.)  I am not going to spoil the story anymore than that.  It might be have been very interesting if it were really were Ben.  I have read reviews and maybe the story will still be worth checking out.

I am disappointed. (I am more disappointed than I thought I’d be.)

Scarlet Spider is being canceled.  There are rumors/hints that Kaine will not survive the end of his series.  It has been hinted that Kaine will not achieve redemption.  The last storyline is called “Into the Grave”, that is a fun title.

Of course this being Marvel comics, it is possible that Kaine could return someday.

It is also possible that Ben Reilly could return one day.


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