Billy Crystal’s new book

Billy Crystal’s new book, Still Fooling Them is pretty good.  It was more interesting than I thought it would be.  I have the book on audible download and he reads it well.

This book is about his life and career.  A lot of the information might be things you already know but Crystal tells the stories well.  I liked the details about the beginnings of  Saturday Night Live and how he didn’t get to be on the first episode. I think there could have been more detail about why he only stayed for that one year at Saturday Night in the mid eighties.  (I know more of this is covered in the book on Saturday Night Live but it might have interesting to get more of Billy’s perspective.)

“Avoiding the trappings—excess schmaltz, laundry list of famous friends, boozy party log—of so many celebrity memoirs, Crystal delivers a funny and genuinely moving chronicle of his life inside and outside Hollywood” that is from the review from Publishers Weekly.  I think that sentence  does a good job of describing the book.

This is worth reading or listening to.


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