the Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now was really good.  I wish It had gotten to my “non-select” movie city earlier.  (Select movie cities seem to be New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and either Houston or Dallas.) This movie is adapted from the novel of the same night by Tim Tharp.  Perhaps I should check out the novel.  I had not read the novel before I heard about the movie and I figured it was better to wait to read the novel after I saw the movie.

Miles Teller stars as Sutter Keely, the life of the party at his high school.  As the movie opens, his girlfriend has dumped him.  He wakes up on someone’s  lawn without knowing where his car is.  This is when he meets Aimee.  They go to the same high school but apparently have never met but she knows who he is.

They start a romance after Aimee tutors him in geometry.  Sutter has a drinking problem, even if he doesn’t know it.  Sutter’s father is absent,

I liked this movie a lot.  I am not sure if I liked the ending.  I didn’t hate it.

I thought Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley were really good.  Maybe it is because he played the Christopher Penn role in the Footloose remake, Teller reminds me of Penn.  Woodley is good in her part and seems like the perfect girl next door type.

This is worth seeing.  A friend and I were talking about this movie and as much as I liked the Way Way Back, this movie is better,  I’d recommend seeing both and I enjoyed both.

(I wonder if that critic that called Teller “once promising” in his review of 21 and over regrets it now.)


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