Time to stop ripping Spider-man 3

I’ve ripped Spider-man 3 a lot.

I am not going to use Spider-man 3 anymore for an example of a bad movie.  I might have used it a bit too often lately.  I think in hindsight it might be trying to do too much.  That is different than being a bad movie.

Spider-man 3 tried to have three villains.  Maybe that was one villain too many,  Maybe just two villains would have been better.  I am not sure which villain to dump, maybe Venom.  It would have been odd to dump Harry Osborn after his featured role in the first two movies.

Perhaps Spider-man 3 is not that bad.  Maybe it was a disappointment compared to Spider-man 2.  Maybe if re-watched, the movie might seem better than I remember it.

Okay now it is time to get a new movie to use as an example of a bad genre movie.

Maybe Iron Man 2 could be the new movie to rip?

I could rip X-men the Last Stand but everyone rips that one and I am not sure it is as bad as its reputation.



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