Star Trek Into Darkness re-watched

I liked Star Trek Into Darkness but I didn’t love it.  I re-watched it and I still liked it.  There are still a few problems with the movie.

I did like the movie and I thought the action was good.  I like seeing Kirk get demoted, at least temporarily.   Kirk in the old series and the original movies played fast and loose with rules at times.  I thought the performances were good overall, except maybe for Peter Weller.

Here are the problems with the movie (or at least things I am not sure about)

Sulu and McCoy seemed less vital to the movie than they did to the first movie.  Maybe I was expecting too much.  In the first film of the new franchise, the cast all seemed vital.  In this one Sulu and McCoy just seem a bit less vital.  Maybe they will get more to do in the next movie.  Or maybe what they will have to do will be more vital to the film.

It might have been a mistake to remake or semi-remake the Wrath of Khan.  If the idea behind the reboot was  to tell new stories, why turn to Kahn?  Why not create a new villain?

Okay it was a bit corny to have Spock and Urahu have their relationship talk during the mission.  Maybe it would have been better to put that scene elsewhere in the movie (maybe before the mission).    I don’t think the scene/conversation was bad but the timing was fairly bad.  (Maybe the writers felt Kirk had to hear Spock’s speech but maybe there was a better way to do that.)

Overall, I liked the movie and I am glad I bought it.  I still hope the next movie in the series will better.

I still want to see the next movie in the series.


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