Grant Gustin is the Flash

Grant Gustin is the new Flash.   He’ll appear on Arrow for three episodes and one will be backdoor pilot.  Apparently the role came down to three choices and I am not familiar with the other two actors James Mackay and Matt Barr.   I’ve seen photos of all three and Barr looks the most like the comic book character. This will be  Gustin’s first series lead if the backdoor pilot is successful.  (A backdoor pilot is a TV episode of one show that acts as a pilot for another show.  The episode of CSI New York Miami Nonstop was a backdoor pilot for CSI Miami.)

He will make his appearances in the second season of Arrow.   I’ve never seen his work or I am pretty sure I haven’t.   He’s been on Glee and 90120.

(I don’t watch Glee.  I am not saying anything more.  If you want to read an anti-Glee rant, you could probably find one.)

Maybe he’ll be good.  We’ll see.  He looks a little young to be Barry Allen/the Flash.  Of course, he’ll be playing Barry on the CW, so maybe that explains the youth.  He could grow into the part.

It might be time to check out Arrow.

(Actually it might be past time.)


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