More comic Book Thoughts September

James Robinson is launching a new Invaders series in December for Marvel comics.   There is a interview with him on Newsarama. Maybe it will interesting.   I am not familiar with the artist.  Marvel keeps trying to relaunch the Invaders.   Maybe it will work this time.

The interview with James Robinson did  not address why he left DC comics.   Maybe it is best not to know.  I still kind of want to know, though.  The new writer takes over in November.  The first two covers of the new book feature the Batman of Earth 2.

Mark Waid is going to launch the Fox for Archie comics.  It might be worth checking out.  I am not sure if it will tie into the New Crusaders.

The Scarlet Spider is ending in December.  I guess Kaine won’t get to return to the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo.   I thought I saw that the book’s sales were fading.   Hopefully the book will have a dynamic ending.

Venom will also end soon.  It had a good run though, almost three years.

It  is not a banner year for Spider-man spin-offs.  The last issue of Morbius the Living Vampire come out this month.  I never read it.   It lasted less than a year.  I just was not that interested.

There are a lot of comics published.  Sometimes it seems like there are too many.


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