Movie thoughts 9-9-2013

Neither of the two big movies opening this weekend, the Family and Insidious 2, interest me.  I think the novelty of Robert DeNiro making comedies has worn off.  (Maybe that happened a few years ago.)  I know people liked Insidious but I’ve seen the previews and I don’t feel quite interested enough to see the sequel in theaters.  Perhaps next weekend will be better, Prisoners with Hugh Jackman opens.

The Spectacular Now still hasn’t come to my non-select movie.  I really want to see it.  Well, maybe it will come.  Surprises happen.  I wasn’t expecting the Grandmaster to come to my non-select city.

Riddick made less money on the opening weekend than the Chronicles of Riddick did in 2003.  When you consider the average ticket price in 2003 was less than it is now,  that means fewer tickets were bought.  Of course the third movie was made on a smaller budget, so maybe it will be a hit if it does well internationally or on video.  I am not sure why VIn Desiel is so devoted to the character of Riddick.

Robocop remake doesn’t look that good.  Maybe later trailers will look better but this doesn’t seem necessary.  Maybe the movie will be good but right now, it doesn’t look like it improves on the original except for special effects.  It will be nice to see Michael Keaton as the villlain or at least some-what villainous character.


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