More Marvel movie thoughts

James Spader has been announced as Ultron in Avengers 2.  That seems a bit odd.  Maybe it is has been too long since he has played a villain but I think of him as more of a comedic actor.  I wonder who else they considered?  Or it is better not to know?

Thor the Dark World comes out this fall.  I think it will be good.   Christopher Eccleston should be a good villain.   He was good in the G.I.  Joe movie.  Why is the Collector in the movie though? I guess that could be a surprise.

Captain America Winter Solider comes out next year.  It will be interesting to see the Falcon on the big screen.   Also it should be fun to see Captain America face the Winter Solider.  I hope the movie doesn’t feel like it is trying to do too much like Spider-man 3 did.  (I should stop using Spider-man 3 as  an example of a bad movie, it is more confused than bad. )

Bradley Cooper will be voicing Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy.   That is a bit strange too.  I still like the classic Guardians of the Galaxy.

I wonder if Marvel will ever make a Blade movie?  Or a Dare Devil movie?  They have the rights to both characters back.  I think it could be fun to see Blade back on the big screen.   Maybe Blade could be in a movie but the movie might not be just about him.


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