Why can’t Northstar get into a movie?

Why can’t Northstar get into a movie?  Nothstar is a Marvel comics superhero who can fly at superspeed.  He is a former member of Alpha Flight and an X-men.  He is also the highest profile gay superhero in Marvel comics.  He got married last year,  He is also Canadian, (This is a short introduction.)

Quicksilver will be in two movies (from two different movie studios).  Couldn’t Northstar get into a movie?  Couldn’t he serve as a replacement for Quciksilver in one of the two movies?  (Especially if Quicksilver has a smaller part in the new X-men movie than he does in the next Avengers movie.)

There are a lot of mutants in the next X-men movie, couldn’t Northstar sneak into that movie?  It would seem possible.

Is this anti-gay bias keeping Northstar out of movies?  Or it is anti-Canadian bias?  Or is it anti-Canadian gay bias?

I am kidding of course.   I don’t seriously believe that anti-gay bias is keeping Northstar out of movies.  (The anti-Canadian bias might be real.  Kidding .)  Although he might be the first gay superhero to appear in a movie.  Now that I think about it, there is not a gay action hero that I can name.

Maybe some day Alpha Flight will get their own movie, which would probably include Northstar and his sister Aurora.  It would be interesting to see an Alpha Flight movie.  I think that keeping the cast to the classic members of the team that would be a good thing.

Who owns the rights to Alpha Flight?  I don’t think that Alpha Flight would have been considered allied to the X-men when Fox acquired the rights to the X-men.  Yes, the team first appeared in X-men but I am not sure if that would be enough for them to be considered X-men characters.   Northstar wasn’t an X-men when Fox acquired the film rights in 1994.


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