Is Ben Reilly back?

It appears that Ben Reilly is coming back in the next issue of Scarlet Spider, #21.   Ben Reilly is Spider-man’s clone and he was the Scarlet Spider and even Spider-man for a time.  He was a major part of the infamous Clone saga.  (To discuss the Clone saga would require another post or two.)

He is on the cover  of this month’s Scarlet Spider and everything.  (At least the cover says it is him.) It is nice to see him but with Spider-man 2099 coming to Superior Spider-man, doesn’t  that create a problem of too many Spider-men?  Will all these Spider-men types active at the same time devalue Spider-man?  I hope not.

Don’t even ask what’s going on with Miles Morales from the Ultimate universe.   (You can ask I guess but I don’t know.)

(I promise, I have no clue.)

Perhaps Ben is back to replace Kaine.   How Ben can be back is hard to figure out.  The last time he was seen, he turned into dust.  Even in the Marvel Universe that seems hard to overcome.  A friend of mine once said that death in the Marvel Universe was like a bad cold in reality.

Ben Reilly the original Scarlet Spider is somehow alive again. (At least it appears to be him.) Is this a good thing? I guess it could be a good thing.   People seem to like Ben more in the past few years,  (In hindsight the Clone Saga was still pretty bad but Ben was a likable character.)

Why now?

Doesn’t Kaine need more time to establish himself?  Isn’t his struggle for redemption still worth exploring?  It seems odd to spend nearly two years establishing Kaine and a supporting cast just to toss him aside.


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