Ben Affleck is the new Batman

Ben Affleck  will be the new Batman, it was just announced.  It seems a bit early to announce it, I’ve seen reports that the script hasn’t been finished or possibly even started.

That is an interesting choice but is it a good choice?

At least it is not Christian Bale.  (There were rumors that Bale was being offered 50 million dollars to come back as Batman.) I think bringing him back would have been the wrong movie.  Also, he had his chance and I figure three movies is enough.   Also he would link the new movies to the just completed trilogy and the studio doesn’t want to do that.  Actually director Christopher Nolan probably does not want to link the new movie to his trilogy.

Armie Hammer would have been a bad choice but not because of his talent.  I think he would have brought too much baggage from the Lone Ranger (and to be fair he was not even one of the movie’s three biggest problems).   He was disqualified by the idea of idea of having an older Batman.

I think it might be a good choice.  Affleck is a good actor and he has already played a superhero before in Dare Devil.  He was good as Dare Devil. I think it will work.  Also it is the right time for Affleck, the buzz on him is positive.

Would it have been interesting to get an unknown or lessor known actor?  Maybe.   Going with a lessor known actor worked for Superman and for Thor.  It also worked for the X-men franchise.

I am a little surprised that Affleck wants to do it.  I thought he was more interested in smaller movies and directing.


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