Movie Thoughts 8-22-2013

The Mortal Instruments movie didn’t preview for critics it seems.  That is  not a good sign (studios only refuse to show movies that they expect to  get ripped).   I wasn’t expecting great things but I thought it could be fun.  Oh well, there is always another movie coming out.  Apparently the quest for the next Twilight has been unsuccessful.

The World’s End is getting some good early reviews.  It is the 90s at Rotten Tomatoes.  Maybe it will be good.  British humor tends to be hit and miss for me. I liked the director’s Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz but they were not special.    (Or I don’t remember them as special,)  It does look different from This is the End.  Simon Pegg and Nick Frost star.

Speaking of Simon Pegg (that’s a transition), he took issue with a poll saying that Star Trek Into Darkness  is the worst Star Trek movie.  It might have been better for him not to comment.  (I am not sure.) He is right, Star Trek Into Darkness is not the worst Star Trek movie.  Did that group forgot how bad Star Trek V was?  I haven’t seen that movie in six or seven years but I remember being pretty bad.

Kick-Ass 2 is interesting in a way that might not  be the way the makers expected (or wanted).  It is interesting that the publicity of Jim Carey denouncing the film didn’t seem to have a positive effect on the box office.  There was a lot of publicity about  Jim Carrey  denouncing the film but it didn’t seem to create major interest in the film.   If it created interest, that interest did not translate into  ticket sales.

I don’t have Superhero movie fatigue even after seeing Kick-Ass 2.


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