Jack Reacher re-watched

I re-watched Jack Reacher this week and I enjoyed it again.  It was good and I think it held up well on a second viewing.

Okay, Tom Cruise is wrong for the part physically.  Jack Reacher of the novels is huge and possibly ugly.  If the book character is not ugly, he is at least not handsome.  Cruise is not huge but he gives a good performance and size not withstanding, he seems right for the character,   Dwayne the Rock Johnson might be a close physical match the book character but he isn’t the actor that Cruise is.

The movie is meaner than the Mission Impossible series.  Reacher might be the hero of the story but he is pretty ruthless.  He is a driven character and at times he flirts with crossing lines that most heroes wouldn’t.  There is no romance in the movie.

Warner Herzog , who is better known as a director, is creepy as the lead villain.  He is in a few scenes and maybe it was wise not to overuse him.

Richard Jenkins and Rosamund Pike are good in supporting roles.  Isn’t Jenkins always good?   It is always nice to see Robert Duval.

I think if you haven’t read any of the Reacher novels from Lee Child, you could still in enjoy this movie.  I had listend to a few of the books on CD but I still enjoyed the movie.

I am not sure why this movie was less popular than the fourth Mission Impossible movie.  I think both movies are pretty good but Jack Reacher is kind of grim.


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