Movie Thoughts 8-20-2013

Kick-Ass 2 was not as bad as its reputation suggests.  I am not saying that it is good though.  Nicholas Cage as Big Daddy was missed.  I am surprised by how much he is missed. I don’t regret seeing the movie but I probably won’t need to see it again for a while.  I think John Leguizamo just vanished from the movie when I went to get a snack.  (Seeing Kick-Ass 2 didn’t inspire me to see the original movie again.)

I cannot believe, at times, that there is going to be an Ant-man movie made.  I like Ant-Man but it seems odd that he’s getting a movie.   Hank Pym hasn’t had his own solo series or solo feature in decades.  (He has not even had a mini-series  in decades.) The last two books to feature him as a major character were canceled.  Scott Lang never had his own series.

The Vampire Academy trailer looked decent.   That might not mean anything though.  I cannot remember the last really bad preview that I saw.

Anchorman is on HBO again.  I missing something because I know some people are excited about the sequel coming out in December.   I am not excited for it.  Maybe I am just not a Will Ferrell guy,

I am hoping that the Spectacular Now opens soon in my non-select city.


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