Movie thoughts 8-18-2014

There are rumors of 3 movies about Lance Armstrong being made.  Wow.  Is Lance Armstrong really that interesting?  Is he  or his story really that compelling? I am not sure that he is or that his story is. Maybe one of the movies won’t be made or maybe one will be turned into a TV movie.

Paranoia is getting bad reviews.  It is under 10% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Ouch.   The previews did not look bad, I guess proving again it is hard to make a bad preview.  I didn’t even know the movie was based on a novel by Joseph Finder until I saw it mentioned in a review.  I think it is much pretty much DOA at the box office, which won’t help Liam Helmsworth.

Jobs is getting bad reviews.   I thought maybe a few new reviews might be positive.  They were not or at least moat of them weren’t.  Oh well Ashton Kutcher has 2 and 1/2 Men for another year or two.  The good news is that  the movie didn’t cost too much, so at least it won’t be an epic bomb.

Bruce Willis said something about being bored with explosions in movies.  I am not sure if it means he is bored with action movies overall or just of some of the special effects.   He’s been doing action movies  since 1988, maybe he has a right to be bit bored.  I wouldn’t say it if I were him.

Kick-Ass 2 didn’t open big.  Maybe people liked the first one but just didn’t feel this one was compelling from the previews.


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