Comic book thoughts August

I still miss Wally West.  I probably will for a long time.  I like all the Flashes, I mean I thought at one point that Marc Guggenheim was on the verge of making Bart’s term as the Flash a success.  I really thought that Guggenheim could do for Bart what Mark Waid did for Wally West.  (I am an optimist sometimes.)  I still consider Wally West my favorite Flash.

Spider-man 2099 returns in next month’s Superior Spider-man.  That could be interesting.  I’ve not seen Spider-man 2099 in years,  (I know he appeared in Exiles a few years back but I wasn’t reading Exiles. ) Maybe this could lead to a mini-series for him.

Scarlet Spider is still being published.  Maybe it is time to check in on the character again.

Thunderbolts is still being published.  I haven’t heard if it is good or not.  The new writer seems excited about his plans for the book’s future.  Hopefully he’ll get to put those plans into action.

Astro City’s 3rd issue is out.  I missed issue #2.  I might get the first collection of the new series.  I am pretty sure  it will be worth it.


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