Movie thoughts 8-4-2014

The Mummy is getting rebooted.   The producers are searching for a new director.   The script is reportedly darker than the Brendan Fraser series.  I liked that series but if the studio wants to re-do the series, maybe a change in style/tone is a good idea.

The  status of the Highlander reboot is uncertain at this time.  Both the director and the star have dropped out and so far there has been no replacement for either star or director.  I was a fan of the TV series, I’ve watched a few episodes on Netflix recently, and I think a remake/reboot could work.  I am not sure who would be a good choice for Connor Macleod.  Maybe a unknown would be a good choice.

There’s going to a fifth Bourne movie.  (Or at least it is in the planning stages.)  I am not too excited but I am willing to give it a chance.  Maybe with setting up the new character done already, the sequel can get off to a running start.  Okay, Jeremy Renner is not Matt Damon but Renner can carry an action movie.

Does it ever seem like there is nothing new at the movie theater?

People did go to Sharknado, at least in 4 major cities.


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