Longshot is getting a new mini-series

Longshot is getting a new mini-series, Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe.  It has only been twenty eight years since his last one.  That mini-series launched artist Arthur Adams. Maybe the new series will be good.  It will be by writer Christopher Hastings and artist Jacopo Camagni.  (If history repeats itself, this series will launch Jacopo Camagni.  I think the original mini-series was good for writer Ann Nocenti also.)  I am not familiar with either one’s work.

Of course Longshot has been around.  He has been in various X-men titles and he was most recently in X-Factor.  I am pretty sure he was in a few cartoons as well.  So it is not like the character has disappeared.

Hopefully if this sells well, Longshot will get another mini-series.  Hopefully sooner than 2041.

(Some of us are not getting any younger.)

Longshot returns to solo action in November.  I look forward to some more previews.



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