Movie thoughts July 31

Why aren’t more people going to see Turbo?  It is a good movie.  It is fun.  I took one of my nieces and my nephew to see it.  Okay, maybe Despicable Me 2 is better but it is not a lot better.    I just wonder why more people aren’t going.   Is the Dreamworks brand becoming more hit and miss outside of Madagascar or Kung Fu Panda?   Does this movie just not look special enough to buy four or five tickets to see it?(I know that taking a family to a movie can cost a lot.)

The Wolverine is not doing great box office, at least not in America.  It is doing pretty well outside of America.  I guess this could be the last Wolverine solo movie.

Is 3D on the way out?

(Probably not.)

Every so often, I check the news to see what the future of 3D movies might be but often the results are mixed.  I see an artcile suggesting that 3D is likely to remain for another few years.  Other articles suggest that the format is starting to peter out.   I saw an article saying that studios are not releasing numbers or percentages of 3D tickets sold.


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