the Wolverine

(I saw the movie in 3D but I don’t think 3D added anything to the movie.)

Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine for the fifth time in this movie (not counting his short cameo in X-men First Class).  This movie takes place at some time after X-men the Last Stand.  (It is a little vague on how long or I missed that detail.) Wolverine is still haunted after killing Jean Grey.  He is living in the Canadian woods.

He gets drawn to Japan.   He has been summoned by a man who claims that he can remove his healing factor and then start to age like a normal man.  Wolverine is not sure that he’d want to give his healing factor to anyone, even if it is possible.  He says that the healing factor is not a gift.   Later it turns out that Wolverine’s healing factor was been at least suppressed.

This movie is good, it has some nice action sequences including one on a bullet train, and Jackman is good as always as Wolverine.  It is interesting to see Wolverine deal with the loss of his healing factor.   Maybe the romance between Wolverine and Mariko is not great.  Maybe it just seemed too fast.

The plot seemed a bit hard to follow at times.  There is corporate intrigue, the Yakuza, and Ninjas.  It could have been clearer.

I think this is better than the previous Wolverine movie.  I liked that movie.  However this movie was good and might have had more effective action scenes.  I liked seeing Gambit and some other X-men/related characters in the last movie.

Hopefully X-men Days of Future Past will be good.

I am not burned out on superhero movies yet.


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