Northstar is still married

Northstar is still married.

I know it has only been a year or so.  I didn’t expect him to get divorced but I thought some writer might have killed his husband Kyle to take Northstar in a dark direction. That would have been a man in a refrigerator.  (That’s all Marvel needs more “dark heroes” and more broken/tragic marriages.)  I am glad that has not happened.  I don’t know if marriage has matured him or not.

I have the hardcover of the storyline where he and Kyle married and it is pretty good.   I liked the wedding and it was nice to see a Marvel wedding again.  (It feels like it’s been a while.)

I wonder why Northstar cannot get into a movie.  Quicksilver is getting into two movies.  Seriously, couldn’t Northstar have been in the new X-men movie?


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