DC Movie plans

It was announced at the San Diego Comic Con that the Man of Steel sequel will feature Batman.  A new Batman will be cast. This could be good.  I just hope it will be more fun than Man of Steel.  I am not sure that Zack Snyder wants to make a fun movie though.   Have any of his movies been fun?  Also they are referencing the Dark Knight Returns.  (The Dark Knight Returns  is not exactly fun.)

I don’t want Christian Bale back as Batman.  I think he’s had his turn.  Maybe casting him would tie the movies to the Dark Knight trilogy and I think the studio doesn’t want that.  I think a new Batman is needed.  Just not Arnie Hammer, he is coming off the Lone Ranger failure. I am not blaming him for that but maybe that might just bring unneeded bad press to the movie.  Maybe a fresh face would be a good idea.

Apparently there are plans for a Flash movie in 2016.  It will be about the Barry Allen Flash but maybe there could be a cameo from Wally West.  (I suspect Jay Garrick won’t get a cameo or even a mention.  That is kind of a shame but it makes sense.)

In 2017 there could be a Justice League movie.  Where Wonder Woman fits in is hard to say.  Apparently scripts for a possible Wonder Woman movie have been hard to create.  (Just copy the animated movie’s plot.)

(Sometimes I wonder if I saw a different Green Lantern movie than everyone else did.  I liked the movie.  I’ve seen worse superhero movies than that.  The Green Hornet was one.)


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