Movie thoughts 7-18-2013

Red 2 is getting some pretty bad reviews.  It is at 46%, or less, on Rotten Tomatoes.  Maybe it will best to skip this one.  Maybe some movies shouldn’t have sequels.  I liked the first movie. I didn’t love it but I’ve seen it twice and maybe I will watch it again soon.  The director from the first film was replaced.

The City of Bones looks good.  It could be fun.  I am not saying it will be great but it looks like it could be a fun couple of hours at a theater.

R,I.P.D will not be screened for critics until tonight.  It is already being predicted to be a mega flop, maybe not as large a flop as the Lone Ranger but still big.  Predictions are a opening of 17 million and the film cost 130 million. The director of RED has taken over this movie.  This movie has been in development since 2006 after having been shelved in 2003.  Also I think the comic is not that well known, which probably doesn’t help.

The movie R.I.P.D might still be enjoyable.  I don’t mind it being to similar to Men in Black.  I think it could be different enough to feel like its own thing. Hellboy is similar to Men in Black but there are differences.

The Wolverine opens next weekend.  I hope it is good.

Maybe next movie weekend will be better.


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