Comic Book Thoughts July

The first issue of Quantum and Woody is out.  It is pretty good and it ends on a cliffhanger.  I will probably pick up the next issue.  The writer James Asmus is doing a good job setting up the characters and I like the art by Tom Fowler.

The first issue of the Trinity War from DC comics is out.  It sets the stage for the conflict.  Superman and Shazam meet for the first time in the new 52.   Shazam goes to the Middle East and the Justice League follows him.  The Justice League of America comes after the Justice League and in New York Madame Xanadu is telling a fortune that reveals secrets.   The writing of Geoff Johns is good and the art by Ivan Reis is good too.  I guess it would be more newsworthy to say Ivan Reis’ art was terrible.  Justice League Dark has not come into the war yet but there are five more issues in this cross-over.

(Yes, it would have been nice if the Justice International had not been canceled.  They could have had a part in this war.  I miss that title. )

Dynamite Comics is launching another couple of Shadow related mini-series.  One is set in the past and co-stars the Green Hornet   The one in the present is called the Shadow Now and has the Shadow returning to modern day New York.  One of the two comics might be worth checking out, or maybe both might be worth checking out.

The preview of the Fox looks good.  It is written by Mark Waid (who seems to be having a career renessiance in the last five or six years) and has art by Dean Hasipel (who is also co-writing).

I am hoping that the Scarlet Spider returns to the Houston Live Stock show.  That would be great.


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