Pacific Rim

This is good.  It might be not be great but it is pretty good.  This is the first film directed by Gulliermo del Toro since 2008.  (He had a detour with the Hobbit but he bowed out of that movie/franchise).

In this movie the world is on the brink of destruction in the near future, 2020.  Monsters called Kaiju are invading from a rift at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and humanity’s defense Jaegers  (the giant robots) are losing.  The Jaegers are making their last stand.

The action is outstanding.  Both the monsters and the giant robots look great on screen.  The music seems suggested or borrowed from Godzilla movies.  (I have seen a fair amount of Godzilla movies.)

I liked the acting.  There was not too much comic relief and it was nice to see Ron Perlman in a small role.  Idris Elba is very good as the commander.  I cannot think of a bad performance.

I don’t understand why more people went to Adam Sandler’s new movie, Grown Ups 2, than to this movie.  

This was worth seeing.


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