Adam Sandler and Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups 2 is getting really bad reviews.  It is at 8% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Rob Schnieder’s absence has been noted and some nice jokes have been made about it.  My favorite was imaging Schnieder throwing the script away in disgust and  saying “that it is terrible and I made Duece Bigglo 2.”  One critic compared the film to a home movie.

Why do people still go to Adam Sandler movies?  His last few movies have been pretty bad from what I’ve heard or seen.  Jack and Jill looked horrible, and That’s My Boy also looked terrible.   I am not sure which one looked more terrible.  I guess I could watch both to see which was more terrible but do I really need to know?  I guess not.

I think the last good movie he made was Fifty First Dates (if you don’t count Hotel Transylvania).  Okay, maybe there has another good movie since Fifty First Dates but that was the first movie that sprang to mind. I confess I haven’t seen his last three movies but they all looked bad.  I don’t think Sandler’s movies go to HBO anymore.

Does Hotel Transylvania count as an Adam Sandler movie?  I am not sure.  He was more of a hired hand on that movie (he didn’t co-write Hotel Transylvania).  If it does count, it might be his best movie of  the last six years.


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