Paul S. Kemp is keeping busy

Writer Paul S. Kemp is keeping busy.  His book a Discourse in Steel is out.  This is his second book about Egil and Nix two rogues in a fantasy world.  It is pretty good.  The first book in the series comes with reviews from Ed Greenwood and Elaine Cunningham. Both books in the series are worth picking up.

He has his next novel the Godborn come out in the fall.  It is a sequel of sorts to the Twilight War and also part of the new Sundering series.  The Sundering series is to sort of relaunch the Forgotten Realms.  At one point the Godborn was going to be part of a trilogy but it is now going to be part of the Sundering series.

His Star Wars:the old Republic novel Deceived was pretty good.  i might need to listen to the audio book again soon.

I am not sure what his plans are after the Godborn novel comes out.


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