Movie Thoughts July 1, 2013

Stallone and Schwarzenegger’s movie is now called Escape Plan.  I liked the title The Tomb better.  Maybe the producers thought that title sounded too much like a horror movie.  I’ve seen the trailer and it looks good. I enjoyed their last two solo movies (which both bombed which surprised me), so I probably will see this new film.  This movie is Stallone’s second major prison movie, the first was Lock Up (it was pretty good).

Stallone’s best films of the last Decade

  • Rambo
  • Rocky Balboa
  • the Expendables
  • the Expendables 2
  • Bullet to the Head

White House Down did not open very well.  It might not be a bomb but it probably won’t be a hit.  I liked it.  I wonder why it did not do better.  Is Channing Tatum’s fan base not big enough to open a major action movie?  Or do his fans like him better in romantic movies or more comedic movies?  Or was the competition just too much? I guess the studio will have to figure it out.

I know the Heat is doing well but I don’t feel interested.  I’ve seen a few bad reviews.  I am not sure if I get Melissa McCarthy and since she’s one of the movie’s stars maybe that means I should not watch it.  She’s apparently the break out comedy star of the last few years.

The Lone Ranger opens in two days.  I am not sure how if I really want to see it.  I think it might be good but I have a feeling that it could not be  (Johnny Depp might be trying too hard to be funny as Tonto).  It is by the director of Pirates of the Caribbean, which was good but a little long .  I wonder if the movie will be successful.


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