the 9th Girl

Tammi Hoag brings back her cops from Minnepolis, Nikki Liska and Sam Kovack.  This time they are looking for a serial killer.  It has been about six years since Liska and Kovac appeared in Prior Bad Acts.  Hopefully the characters will return again sooner than six years.  (They appeared in a short novella called the 1st Victim this year, which I will probably pick up soon.)

Liska is a tough female cop and single mother.  This case hits closer to home because a girl at one of her boy’s school might have been victim of a serial killer.  She starts to wonder how well she knows him.  Kovac is old warhorse of a cop.  He might have little or no life beyond his job.  He respects his long time partner Liska even if  he calls her Tinks. Kovacs and Liska are likable, both separately and together.

It is a good book.

I think this book compares to John Sandford’s Virgil Flowers novels.  Those might be a bit more upbeat than the Liska/Kovacks novels.  Virgil might have a bit more fun than Kovack.

You don’t have to read the previous Kovack/Liska novels to enjoy this one.


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