Movie Thoughts 6-29-2013

I didn’t see the Bling Ring.  The reviews were mixed.  It sounds like I could safely wait for it to pop up on cable in seven or eight months (or a year).  The good news is that Ema Watson is getting good reviews for her performance and she seems to developing a post- Harry Potter career.   She got some good reviews for Perks of Being a Wallflower too.

Much Ado About Nothing is still not playing within 120 miles of my non-select city.  I don’t think it will come to my non-select city for awhile or ever.  Oh well, maybe it will be on DVD by Christmas or sooner.

There are rumors of a Knight Rider movie.  I am not sure why a movie would be more successful than the 2008 TV series, which was okay if I remember correctly.   Maybe it is best to let some tv shows alone.  Maybe some shows are just a product of their time.

Vin Diesel announced/tweeted that Marvel requested a meeting.  I am not sure how Marvel might want him to play.  I thought Marvel liked to hire slightly lower profile actors (like Chris Helmsworth) or guys who needed a career pick up (like Robert Downey Jr).  I don’t think Diesel coming off three hit Fast and Furious movies really qualifies on either count.

Sometime in the next two days I will go to White House Down or the Heat or maybe both.


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