Movie Thoughts 6-24-2013

Jim Carrey is having regrets about being in Kick-Ass 2.  He says that he  cannot support it but that he is not ashamed of it.  He says that he feels uncomfortable with the level of violence in the movie after Sandy Hook.  I guess I can see his point but it seems a bit late in the day to announce it.  Maybe he could have told the producers about this earlier. I was not  interested in the movie before this but two things are going to be interesting to see,  One is if his refusal to support the movie (and most likely promote it) hurts the film’s box office.  Also how will this influence future movie choices by him.  If he signs on to another violent movie, he could look really hypocritical.

World War Z was pretty good.  It is a very loose adaptation of Max Brook’s novel (it takes the name and basic concept of a zombie holocaust from the novel).  It had a bit of an inconclusive ending.  I liked that.   Brad Pitt was good and there are very suspenseful moments.   This is an action movie with horror elements, not a horror movie.  If I had not known about the troubled making of the film, I would not have suspected it.

It does seem odd that the  makers of a movie would buy the rights to a novel and then change it so much,  Did they buy the book without reading it?  Or did they really just want the rights to the title?  At least with the movie traveling to Korea, Israel, and Wales, the movie does have a epic feel to it.

Monsters University was good.  It was a lot of fun, sort of like a cartoon version of Revenge of the Nerds.   Maybe it won’t be the classic that the first one was but I think it was worth seeing.   I took my brother and three of kids to see it and we all enjoyed it.  We went to the 2D showing, not the 3D showing.


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