Movie Thoughts 6-20-2013

Ryan Reynolds has left the Highlander remake.  I am not sure if he would have been right for the part, so maybe it will work out.  He seems a bit too boyish for the part. (I am not saying that he is a bad actor.  I liked Green Lantern.)  There is no news on a possible replacement yet.  Honestly I might be slightly more partial to Adrian Paul’s Highlander the series TV show than the movie franchise.

I know Reynolds has had some movies that were not box office hits or well received recently.  I think in the right movie he can still be effective.  I think maybe if the RIPD movie is a hit that will help.  RIPD still looks like it will be fun but it also looks like there is an element or two that could be tricky or troublesome.

Mary Jane Watson has been moved out of Amazing Spider-man 2.  Apparently all her scenes have been done but now the director feels she doesn’t fit into the film.  She will appear in the third Amazing Spider-man movie. I guess this kind of thing happens and has always happened but it sounds odd.  Or it sounds like the makers of the film didn’t plan well.  Actress Shailene Woodley might be replaced.

Reviews of World War Z are pretty good.  It is a bit surprising because reports said it was a troubled production.  Some reports had it as one of the most troubled productions of the last five to ten years.  Brad Pitt even tried to do some damage control.  I plan to see the movie soon (maybe even tomorrow).  It probably won’t be as good as the book but maybe it will be good.  I am likely going to my second zombie movie this year.

There are a lot of adds for movies during the NBA finals.  There seemed to be fewer car ads than I’d expect.

Another Terminator movie is coming,  I am not that interested yet.  Maybe I will be more interested later but I barely remember the last two Terminator movies.  I know I have seen them and I think I went to both in theaters.  Perhaps this is a franchise that can rest in peace.  Maybe it has done all it can do unless the Terminator is going to fight Robocop.  (That was a Dark Horse comic in 1992.)

Conan might be another franchise that can rest in peace.  The first two movies were good but the recent remake was decent at best.  It just missed the mark.  The new Conan didn’t have star power. There is reportedly a fourth Conan movie being made with Arnold Schwarzenegger returning as an older Conan. Maybe that could be interesting.

Maybe someone should remake Krull.

I am kidding.  At least I think I am.


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