Movie Thoughts 6-10-2013

Aaron Taylor Johnson is rumored to be Marvel’s choice for Quicksilver.  Well, I guess that could be okay.  He was pretty good in Nowhere Boy.  Kick-Ass was overrated though.  I might not even go to the sequel.

Andre Dice Clay is in the new Woody Allen movie.  No, that was not a joke.  (Or if it is a joke, it was a joke by Woody Allen.)  I never expected to see Andrew Dice Clay in a Woody Allen movie.  Actually I was not sure that he was still working.

The trailer for the second Hobbit movie will be seen before the Man of Steel.  It could be good to see it on the big screen.  I have mixed feelings about the second Hobbit movie.  I think it will be good but hopefully a bit shorter than the first Hobbit movie.  (That movie was a bit too long.)

I am surprised so many people went to the Purge.  The reviews were fairly bad.  Oh well, I guess some people don’t read reviews.  I guess people wanted to see a horror movie/thriller this weekend. I guess there could be a Purge 2.

Fewer people went to the Internship than I expected.  I figured more people would go because people love Wedding Crashers.  Maybe this movie didn’t seem very compelling.   



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