6 Days to Man of Steel

Man of Steel opens in 6 days.  I hope it is good and successful.  So far the previews have looked good.  (Of course unless the movie is dreadful, it is hard to make a really bad trailer.)

I think taking a lessor known actor was a good idea.  I think a better known actor might be hard to accept as Superman.  At one point Nocholas Cage was going to be Superman in a movie but I don’t know if that would have really worked. I kind of wish Brandon Routh could have gotten another chance.  On the other hand, Amy Adams is fairly well known so it might be hard to accept her as Lois Lane at first.

I have not looked for early reviews yet.  I will probably start looking Wednesday.

What if the movie isn’t good?

What if the movie fails?

Well, I hope neither one happens.  If either one does, maybe there will be another attempt at Superman in six or seven years.  I don’t think there could ever be another ten or twenty year gap between Superman films again.  i think superhero movies are around to stay and as long as Marvel keeps being successful with their movies, I think other studios will try to make superhero movies.

The movie opens in six days,   I am excited.


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